Friday, 31 August 2012

Love Bug!

I love VW campers!

 My parents owned various ones in their lifetime and we had some amazing holidays in them travelling around Europe visiting all sorts of wonderful places. I have very fond memories and would love to own one of my own. 

I love Beetles too and am very lucky to own a brand new one. I owned a bright orange hand painted one when I was 19 and have loved them ever since. I sold my cream convertible one two months ago to buy my new one which is quite different to my convertible. It's wider, and shorter in height and much sportier. The only downside is it doesn't come with a vase but you can buy one as an extra, something I will have to invest in!


It's time for a giveaway!

If you fancy a trip down memory lane with me and would like to win this 
VW camper inspired bag then leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner next Friday 7th September!

Feel free to enter even if you have in the past!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Needs to try harder.

No, not hair extensions to go with my DM's............homemade pasta, made with my new pasta machine.

Think we need a bit of practice!

Any advice?......(apart from buy it already made!)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It must be love, love, love!

I LoVe DM's.
 I have four pairs already but saw these while shopping today and soon, very soon, one pair of these will be mine!

Just need to decide which!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Diet?.....What diet?

I really could do with losing half a stone, but that blooming Lorraine Pascale has made a new series and the diet is off for the moment!

My daughter and I watched last nights episode earlier this evening and our faces lit up when she made cake pops.
 Oreos, Nutella AND chocolate! 
 What are girls to do?......... Go to the supermarket  and buy the ingredients to make them of course!

Off my daughter popped to Tesco and half an hour later, after.......

Whizzing the Oreos to bits.......


Scooping Nutella by the spoonful.........

Rolling into balls........

Melting chocolate, poking in lolly sticks and freezing for 15 minutes.......

a plate full of yumminess was made........

Just in time to watch the 'Great British Bake Off' while stuffing our faces!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

And the winner is...........

So sorry......I forgot about picking a winner for the laptop case giveaway. Must have been the heat over the weekend!

So..........names written out....

All into the handmade cake stand.......

And the winner is...............

Poppy Cottage!

Please email me your details and I'll get your case in the post to you.

Thank you to all for entering. I'm having another giveaway on my Facebook page  (link on the sidebar)
if you fancy entering!

I'll be having another giveaway here later in the week.

Our weekend in photos

It's been a real scorcher this weekend here in the South East.

I hope it was lovely weather wherever you were too.

Friday, 17 August 2012


There's a giveaway going on over on my Facebook page for a red 'Best Dad' glasses case, similar to this one.

If you fancy a chance to win it, pop over there. I'll be choosing a winner on Monday.

The link is over on the side bar....

Good Luck!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Calling all Mum laptop owners!

A while ago my daughters friend asked me to make her a laptop case for her to give to her mum for Mothers Day. I made it using measurements she gave me but unfortunately I made it too small - my fault not hers!

It measures 39x26cm, probably an odd shape for a laptop, I'm not too sure. 
(Please bear in mind that if the laptop is quite deep it will have to be narrower than 39cm for it to fit....does that make any sense?)

If you think you or someone you know has a laptop that would fit snuggly in this (and is a mum!) then leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner for it later in the week.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Airbourne afternoon

Every year there is a free air show on Eastbourne seafront (Airbourne) and there haven't been many years that we've not gone to watch.

Yesterday afternoon one of my favourites flew over our house, the Lancaster bomber. It always reminds me of my dad who loved it too. You can hear it a mile away as it has a very distinctive drone. I ran to the back garden to watch it and then to the front of the house. Today the four of us spent the afternoon sat on the prom watching the planes doing their stuff, including the Lancaster below.

The Lancaster and Spitfire.

Two Red Bull planes doing acrobatic displays.

The Vulcan..

 It gave me goosebumps!

Ice creams were ate, beer was drunk and an enjoyable afternoon was had by all.........and we may even go back for more tomorrow but this time on top of Beachy Head where the views are even better!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Giveaway winner

Hello and so sorry I'm late in picking a winner for my bag giveaway but I was out last night and didn't have time to do it.

Anyway, the names ( all 16 of them!  )went into my beautiful Pip Studio bowl....

Now that hand and arm are not mine! 

If it was I'd be a making a waxing appointment immediately! I asked my son to choose a winner and he chose.....

The lovely 'Pipany!'

Well done you!
Please email me your details and I'll pop the bag in the post to you.

Thank you all so much for entering, I've never had so many entrants for a giveaway before and I'm thrilled. I have two other bags in the box and I will be doing another next week so please, please enter again even if you have before. Its a case of 'the more the merrier!'

On another note.......the reason why I had to dash last night and didn't have time to choose a winner was because I went to my first ever football match! 

My husband has recently become a season ticket holder at the Brighton and Hove Amex stadium in Brighton and I went with him. He has been a supporter ever since he was a kid and my job is usually to drop him and a friend at the train station but this time it was my turn to go too. 
I have to admit that I did think at first that I'd made a huge mistake in going as the whole train journey consisted of them discussing league tables, stats, price of the beer and pies while I sat staring out of the window peering into houses as we zoomed past....much more fun!

Once we arrived and found our seats and the action began I actually have to admit I really enjoyed it and laughed when I realised I was clapping when the B&H goalie prevented a goal!

Two hours and two hot chocolates later, we caught the train home and I'm even talking about going again!

Maybe it's something to do with all the Olympic coverage on the tv that has had me hooked. I just wish I could get the motivation to get my backside in to gear and do some kind of sport myself!

Oh well, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flower sitter

On Friday I spent £5 on a huge bunch of flowers from the flower seller in Eastbourne's town centre. He and his family have sold there for years and whenever I'm there on either a Friday or Saturday I cannot walk past without buying.
This week my heart nearly fell off its hook when I spotted bunches of Scabious and Delphiniums, two of my absolute favourite flowers. They remind me of my mum.

When I left school I trained as a florist and on Friday's (pay day) I would always take flowers home for my mum. If it was Scabious and Delphinium time of year, they would always be my choice. I love flowers. No, I aBsOluTeLy LOVE flowers!

This morning I took some photos of them with my iPhone using the 'Hipstamatic' app.

This morning I had to take my neighbour to the train station. Yesterday she was given a huge bunch of flowers at a wedding she attended and she asked if I would look after them until she comes home on Tuesday. Flower sitter....that's me!
 I wonder if I could get paid to do that? A full time job looking after other peoples flowers while they go on holiday?
Well, its a thought!


                      P.S.............Make sure you enter my bag giveaway in my previous post!

Friday, 3 August 2012

The bag lady

Yes, that's me, "The Bag Lady'!

I LoVe bags. I have lots and lots of them. Not expensive ones like you see in glossy magazines, I'd rather go on holiday than pay thousands for a designer bag. I have rather too many 'Cath' bags but that'll have to wait for another post all of it's own!

I started making bags to sell a long time ago and had planned to sell them in my shop but not only do they take such a long time to make but I also find them impossible to photograph. They never look just right. I tried photographing them in the garden, on a railing along the prom ( that got some funny looks I can tell you!) and in various props around the house, but none looked good enough for the website.

Yesterday, I found three bags that I made and gave up trying to photograph and I wondered if you might like a chance to win one. Would you? Oh please say yes, or they'll just have to go back in the box!

All you have to do is leave me a comment (and I'd love to know if you love bags too!) and I'll pick a winner next Friday!

Good Luck!

** I also have a giveaway on my Facebook page (link over on side bar) if you fancy entering that too!