Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tales of the unexpected

Having trained as a florist when I left school, I ADORE  flowers. 

Much to my surprise my husband came home with a this gorgeous bunch of roses last night. 

M&S dont you know!

£15 worth...............reduced to 50p!

Why he told me that bit, I've no idea!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

A knock at the door

On Friday evening after I'd dropped my husband at the train station for him to get the train to Brighton to watch the football, my daughter and I planned an evening watching tv.
 At 10.30 the front door bell rang. To say I panicked would be an understatement!
 I wasn't expecting anyone and was really scared (it doesn't take much!) to open the door.

 We went in to the hall and could see a figure through the glass. I whispered to my daughter not to open the door and that I was going upstairs to look of of the window to see who it was.
 As I started to go up the stairs, my daughter said she was going to answer the door. I grabbed her arm and in a very firm whisper, told her not to! 
She acted so out of character by saying it was fine and that she was going to open the door, that it made me panic even more. She had this kind of half grin on her face that I found really unnerving.
She grabbed the door handle and opened it and there stood our son.....all 6ft 6 of him who had travelled all the way from Uni in Loughborough to surprise us!
Our daughter knew he was coming home for the weekend and had kept it a secret since last Sunday.

What was a mother to do?.......burst in to tears of course!

What a lovely start to the weekend!