Saturday, 29 May 2010

Boot Fair creativity

Last Sunday I got up early and for the first time in years I went to a Boot Fair. My husband can't stand them so I was very happy when my lovely niece suggested we go together. We were on a mission!
I had seen an idea on tv the week before and knew I had to make one to add to my growing collection. Most of the plates were either 50p or £1 and the cup was 30p. So for about £4 and a bit of glue I now have this beauty below!

Not happy to stop there I gathered more. One stall holder was happy to give us a box of miniature glasses for £1!

If you're interested in making one or two yourself, you need to use Araldite glue to stick them and the best bit is it dries really quickly enabling you to use the finished creation straight away.

Guess where we're off to tomorrow? This time my daughter is coming along too. I think she has caught the bug!
Have a lovely weekend and happy plate hunting!

Just wanted to add that looking at these photos again the cake stands look wonky....they're not, it's just that i'm rubbish at taking photos!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Beautiful blooms

My niece bought me a beautiful bunch of Peonies the other day and on my way out of the house this morning I glanced in the lounge and spotted a bloom that had opened up during the night. I grabbed my camera and took these photos. The colours and detail are just amazing!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Not as silly as I look!!

I'm not good with computers and it can sometimes make my job a little difficult. I work in a school that has a new swish computer suite and it's not easy trying to convince thirty 8 year olds that you know what you're doing!
Anyway, i'm quite pleased with myself today as i've managed to add links on my blog to my 'Folksy' and my ' Not On The High Street' shops without any help from 8 year olds!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Window shopping

I've been looking through 'Caths' new catologue today and doing a spot of window shopping!

If I had tons of money I'd probably have one of everything in it but as I haven't I've added photos of my favourite things. I absolutely love this picnic hamper but at £85 it will have to wait.

My daughter has her eye on one of these for her iphone. I love all the prints, although my favourite is the blue spray flowers.

Moving on to an unhealthy obsession of mine, cake stands. I have enough cake stands to open up a tea room but i find myself buying more. Another one came home last week from Ikea. This one is very pretty but i'm not sure my husband would agree. Could it be something ' i've had for ages'?'s a possibility!

I ordered a pair of these a couple of weeks ago but the weather has been so grotty i've not worn them yet.

Moving on to another obsession of mine.....handbags. Well, not only handbags, any sort of bags. I have two of these bucket bags and i love them but i'm really not sure I need another! It would look nice with my new shoes though wouldn't it?

Well that's my online window shopping over with for another day. Better go and do something useful! Bake a cake maybe to sit on my new cake stand!