Saturday, 29 May 2010

Boot Fair creativity

Last Sunday I got up early and for the first time in years I went to a Boot Fair. My husband can't stand them so I was very happy when my lovely niece suggested we go together. We were on a mission!
I had seen an idea on tv the week before and knew I had to make one to add to my growing collection. Most of the plates were either 50p or £1 and the cup was 30p. So for about £4 and a bit of glue I now have this beauty below!

Not happy to stop there I gathered more. One stall holder was happy to give us a box of miniature glasses for £1!

If you're interested in making one or two yourself, you need to use Araldite glue to stick them and the best bit is it dries really quickly enabling you to use the finished creation straight away.

Guess where we're off to tomorrow? This time my daughter is coming along too. I think she has caught the bug!
Have a lovely weekend and happy plate hunting!

Just wanted to add that looking at these photos again the cake stands look wonky....they're not, it's just that i'm rubbish at taking photos!


  1. What a wonderful idea!
    I too love playing with my mismatched vintage china!
    Good luck with the treasure hunting!

    Debbie Moss

  2. Oh my word, they are stunning. You've inspired me for sure. I'd love to have a go! BW.