Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fish Face

I've no idea why I feel the need to blog about this but I got in to a lift in my local shopping centre this afternoon and Michael Fish got in and stood opposite me. For some reason I had a fit of the giggles but managed to contain it until the lift doors opened.
It may have had something to do with the pink jumper he was wearing and the man bag he was carrying!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The cake

I thought long and hard about what cake I wanted to make for my sons 21st. I wanted it to be something different but due to lack of time it needed to be fairly easy to make. He LOVeS food so I decided it had to be connected to that.

My daughter, who should have been revising, couldn't keep away once I'd started, so she helped too. I made 3 large sponges on Thursday, which I was really pleased with and perfect for what I needed them for!
So, off we went. My daughter started by carving bits off the side of one of the sponges and covering it in creamy butter icing, while I rolled out caramel royal icing.
Any ideas as to what cake it might be?
Rolling out this colour was the easy bit as it was pre coloured but the brown we needed had to be kneaded and that was unbelievably hard work! In fact I pulled stomach muscles doing it! My husband thinks that's hilarious!
I used paste colouring which is so much better than normal liquid colouring.
We covered one of the sponges in caramel. Not very neat is it? Doesn't matter though, it will all be hidden by a brown sponge.
Guessed yet?
Cheese slice anyone?
Right I'm sure you're all thinking I've gone mad at this point. A real cabbage leaf? Stay with me, prepare to be impressed. We rolled out green royal icing and pressed a washed cabbage leaf in to it, leaving a perfect imprint.
Then laid it on the top!
Made a few tomatoes
Finished off with some icing sesame seeds and there you have it......

A burger fit for a giant!
The reason for it is that every day as soon as he comes in he asks what's for dinner. He loves food and at 6'6" he eats a lot of it!

The look on his face when we lit the candles and appeared with it said it all.
No one left the house at the end of the evening empty handed. there was plenty of cake to go round!

P.S Don't forget to enter my giveaway on my last post!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Giveaway day!

Today, I've decided is a giveaway day, and the giveaway is one of my personalised glasses cases.

You can choose a name or phrase for me to write on the front using freestyle embroidery and you can choose from 6 colours,
purple, cerise ,salmon, green, blue or navy.

Sunglasses fit in the cases as well as reading/driving glasses

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment and I must be able to contact you via your blog or email and I will post anywhere in the world.
I will pick a winner on Friday 3rd June.
Good luck!

Right, off to make a cake!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mollie Makes and Cakes.

Well I've finally found a copy of the new magazine, Mollie Makes. I grabbed the last copy from the shelf in Sainsbury this morning and hid it under my shopping in case anyone pinched it!

I'd read a few reviews on other blogs about it, some good some not so good. My opinion?......... I LoVe it! It's so, so me.

The feel of the paper used is lovely and it's the kind of magazine you can pick up and find something you didn't see the first time, if that makes any sense!
So, here I am with a cup of tea, radio on and Mollie Makes in hand.

Lots of interesting articles, like this one about a Boutique in Barcelona ( on my wish list to visit) called Keboniko. That too looks like my kind of shop. Rolls of bright coloured felt, buttons, ribbon....

Gorgeous pink dishes
And that is MY kind of bike!
In between reading I have a birthday cake to make. In fact 3 cakes which will go together to make one, if you get my drift. We have a very special birthday celebration this weekend and I'm going to spend tomorrow making, what I hope will turn out to be a great cake. We'll see. Fingers crossed please and pop back soon to see the result.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lazy Sunday

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to pack a picnic and go to the seafront for a while. It was quite windy but we found a sheltered spot by the side of the pitch and putt and had an hour or so sitting, watching, wondering.

This butterfly caught my eye. It was a tiny vivid blue, forget-me-not colour, although the photo doesn't do the colour justice. No idea of it's name, but probably knowing me, very common but I'd never seen one before.
It was very peaceful, so much so that a baby bunny thought it safe enough to pop out from behind the bushes. He is there I promise!

Hope you were able to make the most of the sunshine seeing as we've woken up to rain this morning!