Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Beautiful blooms

My niece bought me a beautiful bunch of Peonies the other day and on my way out of the house this morning I glanced in the lounge and spotted a bloom that had opened up during the night. I grabbed my camera and took these photos. The colours and detail are just amazing!


  1. Hi Rosie! It was lovely to see you over at amanda makes! Welcome. We had a VW van when i was little too. They were great times weren't they? As you can see from my photo I'm still a fan and go to the VW Show at Tatton Park every year. Maybe one day, Rosie, we'll have our own eh? Good luck in the draw. Much love, Amanda xxx

  2. Hi Rosie.... I think Peonies have to be one of my favourite flowers... I keep admiring them at the garden centres and think about treating myself, but so far, haven't done so. They are amazing in every way.. fantastic colours and the detail is just unique. Have a lovely sunny weekend