Saturday, 8 May 2010

Window shopping

I've been looking through 'Caths' new catologue today and doing a spot of window shopping!

If I had tons of money I'd probably have one of everything in it but as I haven't I've added photos of my favourite things. I absolutely love this picnic hamper but at £85 it will have to wait.

My daughter has her eye on one of these for her iphone. I love all the prints, although my favourite is the blue spray flowers.

Moving on to an unhealthy obsession of mine, cake stands. I have enough cake stands to open up a tea room but i find myself buying more. Another one came home last week from Ikea. This one is very pretty but i'm not sure my husband would agree. Could it be something ' i've had for ages'?'s a possibility!

I ordered a pair of these a couple of weeks ago but the weather has been so grotty i've not worn them yet.

Moving on to another obsession of mine.....handbags. Well, not only handbags, any sort of bags. I have two of these bucket bags and i love them but i'm really not sure I need another! It would look nice with my new shoes though wouldn't it?

Well that's my online window shopping over with for another day. Better go and do something useful! Bake a cake maybe to sit on my new cake stand!

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  1. Online shopping - a very dangerous place to be!! Lovely lovely goodies. Bring on the sunshine so that you can wear those delightful plimmy's. xx