Saturday, 24 April 2010

More goodies

These are some of my brooches but there are many more!
I have just started selling on 'Not on the high street' and will be listing these soon. It was a little scary taking the plunge to sell on there but so far it's been worth while so i'm very happy. I will add a link soon once I can work out how to!
It looks like it's going to be another lovely weekend so i'd better get out there and enjoy it while it lasts. I hope you enjoy your weekend and that it's sunny wherever you are.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely message. Always makes me feel good inside knowing what I ramble on about is being enjoyed.

    Your brooches look fantastic and deserve to sell well.

    Lisa x

  2. These look lovely - gorgeous fabric. Steptoe and Son !! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I had a great grandad (called Jerimiah - fab name) who looked just like old man Steptoe so I was never scared of them. Apparantly, Grandad Jer had been a bit of a ruffian in his younger days. But I only knew him as a funny and very sweet old man.

  3. I love the brooches. They really make me wish I could sew.
    Well done for getting on NOTHS, I've read that it can be very difficult.