Saturday, 17 April 2010

Beautiful day

It's been a beautiful day today not a cloud in the sky or planes come to that! I love looking up at the planes in the sky especially in the summer months and wondering where people are travelling to. You tend to think everyone on planes at that time of year are off on annual holidays to far flung corners of the planet, but i guess there are other reasons for travelling, sad reasons, business reasons and romance reasons!
The daffs are still blooming, although some are looking a bit worse for wear. I love spring flowers, well i love all flowers. I love the bright vibrant colours, cerise pinks and reds, oranges and purples and pastel blues and pale pinks. Flowers are always first on my shopping list!
I love this bushy thing too. No idea what name it has but it produces the most beautiful heart shaped flowery things that dangle from it. Early in the week it was just peeping out of the soil but by today it was in full bloom.....blooming marvellous!!

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