Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter baking

My niece and nephew are coming down to stay from Leicester so cake baking was the order of the day today. I love baking cakes, it's the only sort of cooking i enjoy. I hate the everyday dinner cooking- that's boring. I know i could go around the supermarket blindfolded as i always buy and cook the same old things week after week. Still, cakes are better than proper food anyway! I love adding the toppings, yummy coloured icing, sweets, sprinkles and best of all, glitter. How amazing is edible glitter?
I use the same recipe my mum used when i was a child;
6oz caster sugar
6oz margarine
6oz self raising flour
3 eggs
vanilla essence
Cream the sugar and margarine together until smooth. Add one egg and 1/3 of the flour and mix. then repeat with the rest of the eggs and flour. Scoop in to cake cases and cook on 190c for 20-25 mins. I use this recipe for cupcakes too, just use muffin cases instead.
Off to make some shortbread biscuits now. Recipe for this another day!

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  1. They look great! I was forced to bake lemon drizzle cake today as a 'surprise for daddy!'....why?...why does daddy get nice surprises that I have to cook? still we got to test out the surprise (after much begging by me - 'no mummy, it's daddy's cake') and it kept the boys occupied for a while, agree with the edible glitter comment though, think we'll opt for cakes next time so we can decorate them - yum!