Friday, 25 February 2011

Daydream believer.

It's still really odd to be at home all day and to be able to do what I like (within reason) with my time. For the past 15 years, up until last November when I gave up the day job I'd worked in a Primary school. I'm sure those of you that have ever worked in a school will know that there's not time to think of anything other than what's going on around you.
Children trying to get your attention, shouting, crying, snotty noses, 'I feel sick'........ 'My mum said I can go home if I don't feel well'..........

Anyway, I now spend my days at my sewing machine with plenty of time to think, day dream and wander off in my own little world.
While in my own little world, I decided I needed more fabric to make some more of these.

I have made these before but I'm going to put these in my NOTHS shop. I want to fill my shop up with other things, things buzzing around in my head but I've been busy getting organised for the next NOTHS catalogue due out on Monday that I'm featuring in.

Along with the day dreaming I can often convince myself that I need to make a trip to the town for things I either don't need or things that can wait till another time.
Today I needed to go. Walking past the charity shop I spotted three cups and saucers, which became a nice prop for the brooches!

I hope you have a good weekend daydreaming!


  1. Glad it is all going sew well for you!!!!!

  2. Lovely brooches. Know exactly what you mean I work with year 2...Linda x

  3. Love it, I often feel the call of charity shops, they seem to drag me in :-) love the flowers and cups :-)

  4. Its important to have the right setting for the photos of your creations, and the little brooches look just sweet nestling against the cups. Lovely!