Sunday, 10 July 2011

Busy doing nothing

Yes, that's exactly what we've been doing for the past week.
For the first time in 15 years we were able to take a holiday in term time due to the fact I no longer work in a school, and very naughty it felt too!
We took off for a week in Kefalonia in Greece.
Flying though, is not a favourite pastime of mine. I absolutely love planes and helicopters, in fact I was lucky enough to go up in a Sea king on my 40th. A dad at the school I worked at worked for the Navy and they landed it on the school field for the children to have a look around. Names were put in a hat and as it was my birthday I, and a few other members of staff got to go up in it and we flew with the side door open (I'm sure there must be a more technical term for it) over our neighbourhood. I have also done a parachute jump but I HATE flying in passenger planes.
Anyway, after half a bottle of Rescue Remedy and a good cry I settled down to look out of the window and admire the view.

Three hours later and a hair raising drive up the side of what seemed like Mount Everest, we arrived at our destination.
We have been to Kefalonia once before and stayed in a villa nearer to the sea but the views this time were simply stunning.

The infinity pool was beautiful. It was such a pleasure to sit and eat breakfast every morning with views like this.

Now, I mentioned my fear of flying and my other fear is creepy crawly crickets,well bugs in general actually.
The last time we were there we never saw any so when I saw the first one I assumed there was only one!
I went upstairs to unpack and there on the bed was his brother!
I called my son (as my husband was already fed up listening to me going on about them) and said we had to get it out of the bedroom as I wasn't sleeping in there all the time it was in there.
It jumped up under the bed and as it was the same colour as the wood we couldn't see it. We ended up stripping the bed and removing the mattress to find it. At this point we'd only been there half an hour and had already dismantled the bed!
Panic over, my son removed it while I ran around the room shutting doors and windows.
Things got worse at night when they came out of hiding and paraded all over my swimwear that was drying outside on the airer.

The best way I found to avoid them touching my skin when sleeping in the sun was to cover myself up with towels. I just didn't think anyone would be mean enough to take a photo of me!
On the prettier side of things, this tree fascinated me. I've no idea what it is but I thought it was beautiful.

Holidays over for another year.
Lots of chilling, reading, chatting, laughing, screaming, crying was done but a really fab time was had.

By the much does a Greek urn?
Nearly forgot........don't forget to enter my giveaway. I'll be picking a name at the end of the week.


  1. Oh I love greece, I've always wanted to go to Kefalonia but we've never managed yet. Still maybe one day. Glad you had a nice time.
    Hugs Pene x
    Ps I'm scared of flying too, once had to fly down to my grandads funeral and a complete stanger let me hold his hand during take off nice hey (luckily I bite my nails so didn't cause him too much damage lol)

  2. I'd love to go to Kefalonia! It looks wonderful. Do you get a tan under that shroud?? xxxxx

  3. Well done for flying to your fab holiday - glad you got on the plane after all that worry and it looks well worth it :-) Love the photo of you all towelled up :-)

  4. Glad it's not just me who cries on flights - even with the help of Valium I hate it!!

    Kefalonia looks gorgeous, that pool is AMAZING!!

    S x