Wednesday, 11 August 2010

"Grandma, what big eyes you have!"

I've been designing and making some new glasses cases over the past few days. These are designed for Granny's and Grandad's with a few variations in the wording.
I'm really pleased how they turned out.

They are in my NOTHS shop (link over in the side bar)

Their website has had a revamp and it's so much better, much clearer and fresher looking.

Right, off to do more sewing. I've got lots of ideas buzzing round in that head of mine. Pop back soon won't you?


  1. What a great design, will check out the website Linda :)

  2. These are so gorgeous! You really are so clever! I get sooooo many comments about my phone case and my brooch. When you get a minute, could you send me some of your cards? I'd like to be able to give them out when people ask me! Lots of love to you, my dear, Amanda xxx

  3. Hey Rosie - those are too sweet! You possess a wonderful imaginative spirit.

  4. Rosie, I forgot something. I can see you like beautiful and fun things. Vist Vanessa at The colors are so inspirational. I'm envious!!!