Sunday, 26 February 2012

Time out

After making a few orders today so there's a little less to do tomorrow my husband and I went to Lewes to our favourite place to have lunch.
Just across the bridge in the High Street is 'Bills'. 
It's a really busy, lively place and the food is fantastic.

In the summer the seats outside are always full and you struggled to find somewhere to sit and inside is always as busy.
The shelves are stacked with delicious jars of 'Bills' own chutney, jams, sweets, chocolate, you name it they have it!

This pile of delicious oranges were right in front of us as we ate.

The main seating area was behind me as I took the photos but I felt I couldn't really turn around and take photos of random people while they were eating as I may have been thrown out!

This is the view as we came out of the high street.....
and across the bridge with the Harvey's Brewery behind me.
In nearby Ringer there has recently been a wind turbine installed to power Glydebourne, the Opera house with electricity.
 I just love them. I know a lot of people hate them but I find them really peaceful and relaxing to look at.

This photo made me laugh. I'm on the right and it looks like I ate far too much in 'Bills'
and that my tummy has sagged even more than normal!
 It's actually my new 'Cath' bag hanging messenger style on one side.

Look at the colour of the sky. Who would have thought it's February, it looks more like August!

A quick snapshot of Glyndebourne as we went down the country lanes back to home.

It was good to get out and away from the sewing machines for a while!


  1. Oh looks lovely, lucky you! I'm still etsy listing although I did take a break to walk Daisy as she was looking very fed up!

  2. Ive heard of Bills - even all the way up here!!! He should open a branch in Sheffield. xxx